ECHO @ The Zoo Sponsorships

It’s one day at the zoo, but the impact is far greater. ECHO Family Care Partners supports families in crisis, empowering family preservation and strengthening foster, kinship, and adoptive families, while they care for vulnerable children.

ECHO’s day-to-day work involves resourcing critical needs, support care, and providing education and training. So, how does an event like ECHO at the ZOO serve our community? We often say that isolation is the enemy and every family needs a caring community. This is why an event like ECHO at the ZOO is so essential. It’s an opportunity to gather with other families who share the same challenges and life experiences. This community event creates a sense of belonging. And for vulnerable children, these events reinforce their sense of security, which helps them feel safe (and felt safety is key in healing from trauma). It’s also a family reunion for many children in foster care, as they get to spend the day with siblings living in different foster homes, as well as bio parents and grandparents (in a safe setting). It’s more than a day at the zoo; it’s a day with our community to remind each family they’re not alone. Please partner with our community to make this possible. .