ECHO @ The Zoo Bottle Sponsor

ECHO @ The Zoo Bottle Sponsor


Provides a reusable water bottle for each attendee (which is something each child needs for school and many do not have).

  • Special marketing in eNewsletter & social media
  • Banner at event
  • Swag bag


It’s one day at the zoo, but the impact is far greater.

ECHO Family Care Partners supports families in crisis, empowering family preservation and strengthening foster, kinship, and adoptive families, while they care for vulnerable children. There are thousands of vulnerable children in our community and many (if not most) have experienced trauma. It impacts brain development, our bodies, belief systems, emotions, and our behaviors. Complex trauma impacts so much that traditional methods of parenting, or teaching, or even just interacting don’t work. But there are specific interventions and approaches, known as trauma-informed care, that can change a child’s life. Education equips families to navigate trauma and its impact, while strengthening them to provide the stability and support needed for healing.